Volunteer For Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

If you volunteer for Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, you’ll be helping Colorado’s horse families that have hit hard times, and need temporary help while they’re getting back on their feet after job loss, divorce, big medical bills, or natural disasters (fire, floods, tornadoes, etc.) Colorado Horsecare Foodbank is an all-volunteer organization, and it relies on help from people who love horses to fulfill our mission of keeping Colorado horses with their families, when hard times have hit. It’s a complete tragedy to send horses away forever because of a temporary problem.

You may have a special set of skills you’d like to offer to volunteer for Colorado Horsecare Foodbank – and we also have a “wish list” of volunteer opportunities that we need to continue to grow this non-profit and help more Colorado horses.

Here’s a look at some of the volunteer opportunities with Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.

General Volunteer Opportunities With Colorado Horsecare Foodbank:

Research Assistant – Colorado Horsecare Foodbank is going to expand its outreach efforts, and we’re going to need some organized people who thrive on getting the details right to help us research and build lists of places we can post flyers to promote our fundraiser events, businesses that might be willing to sponsor our events, groups to which we can go speak about our mission, and more. For this research, you just need to have a computer, an Internet connection, and a desire to do some sleuthing! We’ll give you the assignment, such as: “Please research and make a list of all the feed stores within a 30-mile radius, and list the name, address, phone, and owner or manager.” (Just an example.) We have a bunch of lists like this that we need researched. If you enjoy research and have a good head for details, this is an easy, fun way to help, and it can be done at any hour of the day or night! We will provide the direction about what’s needed; we just need help actually doing this important research that will help our outreach work for this year, and beyond.

Hay Movers & Hay Loaders – Colorado Horsecare Foodbank needs a bunch of strong, strapping men and women to be available help us load or unload hay bales. When we get a semi-truckload, we need strong people to help get the truck unloaded & the hay stacked. This is an on-call volunteer opportunity, and our intent is to build a nice big list of people interested in helping unload and stack hay bales. And when we have a shipment coming in, we’ll call the list and see who’s available to help.

Experienced Skid Loader Drivers – We need some skid loader drivers who are safe and experienced in operating this equipment. When possible, we use equipment to move hay, as well as using “human power.”

Specific Volunteer Opportunities With Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

May – Help Sell flowers at Our Annual “Flowers For Food” Spring Flower Sale
We set up several locations to sell the flowers, including locations in the Denver metro area, and a location up in Evergreen. Flower sale days occur on the weekends, and you can volunteer for a half-day or full day, and spend that time hanging out with nice people, selling flowers to nice people!

October – Volunteer at our Annual Hay Bales & Horse Tales Fundraiser
We have lots of volunteer opportunities that will help make our big, annual fundraiser a success so we can buy and stockpile more hay. Examples of the volunteer opportunities include: Event set-up (decorating tables, etc. the day of the event); Guest greeting and check-in; silent auction table monitors; cheerful guest bartenders (must be 21 years or older for this particular job); silent auction check-out, and more.

Again, if you have a particular set of skills that you’d like to offer to Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, please let us know – and please do get in touch if you’d like to volunteer for Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.