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Colorado Horsecare Foodbank’s Resource Library is a great place to find free information on emergency preparedness and evacuating your horse after a natural disaster, how to safely re-home your horses if you truly cannot afford to keep them  & more. We periodically update this section, so please check back to check out new information that’s been posted.

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Emergency Plans For Your Horses

iStock_000007398925_MediumLearn about how to prepare for evacuation of your horses in the event of a natural disaster. This section covers detailed information about how to prepare for evacuating your horse(s) in the event of fires, floods, or tornadoes. You’ll find handy checklists about items you need to set up in advance to be able to easily evacuate horses on a moment’s notice, tips on when to evacuate, emergency supplies to have ready, and more.


How To Train Your Horse For Emergency Evacuations

iStock_000007398925_MediumHow To Train Your Horse for Emergency Evacuations After Natural Disasters Colorado Horsecare Foodbank presents a free, instructional video: How To Train Your Horse for Emergency Evacuations After Natural Disasters. Funded by the ASPCA. Learn how to train your horse to be caught, to come to you, trailer load & more, during emergencies.


Advice On Re-homing a Horse

Girl with HorseNo question, it’s a gut-wrenching decision to have to re-home your horses. But if you must do this, and if you absolutely, positively cannot keep your horses, learn how to safely re-home your horse and make sure they end up in a safe place with good care. This section covers general information on how to re-home your horses, how to market your horses, how to avoid unscrupulous auction buyers & more!