Flowers For Food Fundraiser | Colorado Horsecare Foodbank


SAVE THE DATE!  The Flowers For Food Fundraiser | Colorado Horsecare Foodbank…our annual Flowers for Food Fundraiser is scheduled for May 28 from 10 am – 2 pm.

  • Evergreen – Near Alderfer/Three Sisters Park – 5178 S Elk Ridge Road 80439

Colorado Horsecare Foodbank’s Flowers For Food Fundraiser is a great way to brighten your yard & garden, while helping Colorado’s horses. The funds we raise from the flower sale go toward buying and stockpiling more hay, and providing emergency grants of basic veterinary care and/or hoof care for Colorado horses when their owners are facing financial hardship from job loss, divorce, catastrophic medical expenses, fires, or floods.

Here’s what we’ll be selling at Colorado Horsecare Foodbank’s Flowers For Food Sale in May:

Greenhouse flowers for the Flowers For Food fundraiser

Individual flowers – $5.50 & veggie plants – $2.25: Choose from a variety of colorful flowers, and mix and match, or choose vegetable plants if you’re planning to have an edible garden.

Party favors – $8.95:  3 indiviual flowers in a 4.5 inch pot.

Beautiful hanging planter full of flowers - Colorado Horsecare Foodbank's Flowers For Food Sale

Hanging planters – $40.00: 12 inch hanging planters loaded with vivid, colorful flowers will grace your porch with color and fragrance.

A beautiful deck rail planter loaded with flowers - Colorado Horsecare Foodbank Flowers For Food Sale

For more news about Colorado Horsecare Foodbank’s Flowers For Food Fundraiser, please sign up for news alerts from Colorado Horsecare Foodbank (at the bottom of the page).  Also, please consider volunteering to sell flowers for a day or half-day.