How To Apply For Help To Feed Your Horses From Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, A Hay Bank

If you’re a Colorado horse owner who’s working to get back on your feet after job loss, catastrophic medical expenses, divorce, or recovery from natural disasters like fires or floods, and you need temporary help to feed your horses, Colorado Horsecare Foodbank is here to help!

Folks On Stacked HayFounded in 2009, Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, a 501c3 nonprofit hay bank, raises money that’s used to provide temporary grants of free hay, as well as grain, vet care, and hoof care, for Colorado horse owners who’ve come upon hard times. Relax. Breathe. And then complete the form just below to apply for help to feed your horses, as you’re working to get back on your feet.

I’m Having Trouble Feeding My Horses. How and Where Do I Apply For Free Hay?

Colorado Horsecare Foodbank has a simple process for applying for temporary grants of free hay, grain, vet care, and hoof care, when Colorado horse owners need temporary help to feed their horses because of life circumstances that have lead to financial hardship.
Colorado horse owners requesting temporary help to feed their horses from Colorado Horsecare Foodbank must meet the following guidelines:

  1. You must be a single-family horse owner facing financial hardship. (CHF does not provide free hay to non-profits, horse rescues, foundations, or horse breeding operations.)
  2. You must provide a safe, clean, healthy environment to maintain your horse(s).
  3. You must show documented financial need due to unemployment or other financial hardship.
  4. You must be open to meeting with a Colorado Horsecare Foodbank representative, who will do a site visit.

What Information Do I Need To Provide To Apply For Free Hay?

To apply for a temporary grant of free hay, grain, vet care, or hoof care, Colorado Horsecare Foodbank requires the following:

  1. A simple & brief statement of your financial hardship.
  2. A simple & brief statement of what you are doing to get back on your feet.
  3. What you need for your horses (hay, grain, maintenance veterinary care, horse-shoeing).
  4. How many horses you have.
  5. Recent pictures of your horses.
  6. A reference from someone who knows your horses (typically a veterinarian)

A Simple, Three-Step Process To Apply For Free Hay, Grain, Basic Veterinary Care, or Hoof Care

Step 1: Click on the button just below: Apply For Help

Step 2: Complete the form

Step 3: Click the Submit button at the end of the form

If you need to apply for help feeding your horses by mail, please click HERE to download a PDF document of the application, and mail to: Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, 5178 South Elk Ridge Road, Evergreen, CO, 80439.

What Happens After I Apply For Free Hay From Colorado Horsecare Foodbank?

Once you’ve submitted the online form to apply for free hay, grain, veterinary care, or hoof care from Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, your application will be reviewed. If your application is complete and we are able to quickly verify your information, CHF typically can provide an answer to you within 24 hours. Once you’ve been approved, we will direct you to our nearest location to pick up a pre-designated amount of hay, and you can come and pick up free hay for your horses. If you’ve requested a grant for basic veterinary care or horse-shoeing, we will make arrangements with you and a veterinarian, or a horse-shoer, to provide needed services.

Does Colorado Horsecare Foodbank Deliver Hay?

At this time, Colorado Horsecare Foodbank has limited resources for the delivery of free, emergency hay to Colorado horse owners facing financial hardship. We ask that able-bodied horse owners make arrangements to pick up their own hay. In some circumstances, we can make special arrangements to deliver hay for elderly or disabled horse owners.