About Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

We invite you to learn about Colorado Horsecare Foodbank and its mission, history, and the dedicated team of volunteers that run this organization, and provide free hay, grain, vet care, and hoof care when hard times hit Colorado horse owners. Whether you need help feeding your horses, or if you’d like to help Colorado’s horses with donations, attending our fundraising events, or volunteering, this information will provide a good understanding of Colorado Horsecare Foodbank’s mission, history, and the team that makes the organization a success.

The Mission Of Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

Colorado Horsecare Foodbank’s mission is to provide temporary grants of hay, grain, vet care, and hoof care for Colorado horse owners working to get back on their feet after financial hardship from fires, floods, job loss, divorce, catastrophic medical expenses, and other difficult life circumstances.


Colorado Horsecare Foodbank History

Learn how Colorado Horsecare Foodbank has grown from modest beginnings in 2009 to its current position as one of the leading horse hay banks in Colorado, and the United States.



The Colorado Horsecare Management Team

Meet CHF’s team of practical, business-savvy horse owners who work together to run Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, manage and distribute hay, and run the annual fundraising events



Frequently Asked Questions About Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

As Colorado Horsecare Foodbank representatives participate in community outreach and education about the organization’s mission, we encounter many of the same questions. Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.



Friends of Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

Check out the businesses, foundations, non-profits & individuals who have provided grants, donations & hay to Colorado Horsecare Foodbank. We offer heartfelt thanks and gratitude to these generous people whose donations are helping us fulfill our mission of feeding Colorado horses during times of financial hardship for their owners.

Meet the Friends of Colorado Horsecare Foodbank >>