Hay Bank | Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

Keeping horses with their families in times of financial hardship or natural disaster

A 501c3 nonprofit hay bank, Colorado Horsecare Foodbank provides temporary grants of emergency hay and grain, veterinary care, and horse-shoeing for Colorado horse owners facing financial hardship from job loss, divorce, catastrophic medical expenses, or natural disasters. Colorado Horsecare Foodbank’s mission is to provide a safety net that buys Colorado horse owners the time they need to build an action plan to get back on their feet. This important work keeps horses from starvation or suffering, and keeps horses safe and with their families.

If you need temporary help feeding your horses, please apply for help.

If you love horses and want to keep Colorado horses with their families, please donate or volunteer.

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Hay For A Day

Donating $5 provides a hungry Colorado horse with a full day’s supply of hay.

Donate Now!

Annual Plant Sale

We offer a series of healthy plants for sale to raise money in the spring!


Emergency Preparedness for Your Horses

Most people have an "Emergency Go-bag." But do you have that for your horses? Check out our tips for emergency preparedness for your horses.



If you can't attend our fundraisers, please consider donating. Horses need more hay in winter to stay warm!


Ned & Jed’s Blog: The World According to a Horse’s Point of View

News, tidbits & insights from a horse's perspective from our mascots: Ned & Jed.